We provide Support & Security
With our Managed Services

Forget about slow computers, obsolete printers, or things that stop working in your office. We can help you perform at your highest level.

Hosted Desktop

little box on a computer keyboard

Our Citrix Hosted Desktop allows you and your team to connect to the same computer from any device anywhere in the world. All your data will be safely secured in the cloud.

Office 365, Azure and Google Workspace

Office 365, Azure, and Google Workspace

Our cloud-based solutions include a variety of tools and services that will adapt to your needs to help boost productivity and make office work easier.

VOIP Phone System, Broadband and Leased Lines

Landline phone

Our Voice Over IP will transform your office experience. We can also provide reliable and stable internet connections, and various handset options for your telephone lines.

Backup, Antivirus, Malware and Spam

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With CrashPlan Pro all your data can be safely stored offsite to stop worrying about losing information, and through ESET you have access to Antivirus & Firewalls to be protected against spam & malware.

Website Hosting and Domain Registration

Our hosting services will keep your connectivity at its peak and we can help you navigate the domain registration process to protect your privacy.